There are a lot of great resources out there related to business and accounting.

However, to know what’s true, you have to try what works for you.

So here’s a page to document what I’ve came across.

I hope you find something that’s ideal for you. Enjoy! – written by Harold Avercamp, accounting instructor for over 25 years, the newsletter here is informative. The site also functions as a great resource with topics broken down into Q&A and the categories of bookkeeping, financial and managerial accounting. – written by Stephanie Ng, CPA, CMA, she even wrote a book on How to Pass the CPA Exam. There’s a free e-course through subscription by email and she does a course comparison of all the major CPA Exam preparers. – written by Bryan Kesler who passed the CPA in 2010. The site has a free study guide you can get by e-mail. He also podcasts and has a blog – written by Rod Pederson, CPA, CMA, CFM, you can get study tips by email. Other than that, the site does not have a blog, but does have a newsletter.


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